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Saving Our Democracy: Reining in Corporate Electioneering Post Citizens United

As the country gears up for 2012, the landscape around campaign finance laws and corporate political speech is changing, and definitely not for the better. It's only getting easier for well-healed individuals and corporations to influence elections, with the advent of straw companies, Super-Pacs, and Super-Duper Pacs in the post Citizens United decision era. Meanwhile President Obama's Executive Order on disclosure is stalled out, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a recent blow to Arizona's publicly-financed election system, unions and the Koch Brothers poured money into the Wisconsin recall elections, and legislative and regulatory fixes are facing a tough battle. And the longer the Citizens United decision stays in place the more legislators and judges will be elected who are against campaign finance reform. How do we turn this situation around? Which remedies are moving forward, and what can we learn from the ones that have stalled out? What are the key efforts for reform at the local, state, and federal level? How can activists groups and the public get involved?