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About Us

About Us

About the Business Ethics Network

The Business Ethics Network trains and empowers activists and community leaders to hold companies responsible for their behavior on social justice and environmental protection. ForestEthics is a leading campaign organization challenging and engaging corporations to protect communities, endangered forests, and wildlife. Now, in a move that will dramatically expand the capacity of the corporate responsibility movement, we’re excited to announce that ForestEthics has become the new home of the Business Ethics Network (BEN).

BEN and ForestEthics already have a strong history together. ForestEthics was one of the founding organizations in BEN, and ForestEthics staff has shared their talents and experience with the BEN network in numerous trainings. BEN, in turn, trains ForestEthics campaigners and connects its campaigners to new allies through trainings, consulting, and a network of hundreds of corporate campaigners, community activists, and Indigenous leaders.

This longstanding partnership will only grow more powerful now that BEN is joining ForestEthics. ForestEthics now has the opportunity to build new alliances within BEN’s diverse network of environmental, labor, human rights, and animal rights campaigners, and to play a bigger role in supporting the next generation of corporate campaigners. BEN has the opportunity to ramp up its offerings for members, including new bootcamp-style trainings, and to coordinate more closely with the powerful corporate campaigns at ForestEthics.

We are thrilled to announce the merger of two powerful forces for corporate accountability and justice into one organization. We’ll see the benefits in the increased power of the people reforming the most powerful companies in the world.

Thank you for being part of our partnership,

Todd Paglia        Anne Pernick

Corporations have gained immense rights that were never intended for them. They have used their wealth to exert influence over who we elect and how they govern, and as a result, have been able to aggressively pursue their profits with little or no consideration for the people and our planet. We believe it is more important than ever to challenge corporate abuse and transform corporations' role in our society.

What We Do

The Business Ethics Network is a project of Corporate Ethics International, whose mission is to bring corporations back in service to and under the control of the citizenry. To serve this mission, BEN works to build the capacity of leading NGOs engaged in corporate campaigns and shareholder activism by facilitating collaboration, providing education and consultation, and increasing recognition of campaign successes with the funding community and the public.

Our Resources

  • Corporate Campaign University, a free online, on-demand training system for corporate campaign activists

  • Webinars on topics important for the membership and for the public, such as "Corporate Money in the Mid-Terms"

  • The BEN Foundation Database which contains information on over 70 corporate campaign funders. This is hosted inside Corporate Campaign University

  • A Member listserv so Members can pose questions, share resources, make announcements, and find partners

  • A Citizen Activist network for people who are not professional campaigners but want to learn about and be active in corporate campaigns

  • A website displaying news about Member campaigns and victories and other resources for the public

  • An Annual Conference and BENNY Awards

  • Some free campaign consultation for our Members