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US FDA recognises all toothfish as Chilean Seabass
COLTO thanks the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for updating their USA “Seafood List” which contains approved market names for all species of fish, to ensure both species of toothfish can legally be sold as “Chilean Seabass” in the United States. In April 2013, the US based environmental organization Oceana published a report “Oceana Study Reveals Seafood Fraud Nationwide”. That report cited ‘widespread’ mislabeling of Chilean Seabass and implied that fraud was occurring in the USA market.
Victory! More than 739 Miles of U.S. Coastline Protected for Loggerhead Sea Turtles
Loggerheads face threats from all sides, including from pollution, degradation of foraging areas, and serious injury and death from entanglement in fishing gear. They’re also faced with the loss of their nesting habitat due to coastal development as well as sea level rise. Loggerheads, which make some of the longest journeys of any sea turtle—across entire ocean basins—nest on beaches from Texas to Virginia, but 90 percent of U.S. loggerhead nesting occurs in Florida. This new protection means that any new beachside hotels, homes or commercial construction built on protected beaches that require federal permits would need to be reviewed to prevent harm to nesting areas.
APP commits to end deforestation! Victory!
If this policy is successfully implemented, it will be huge step towards reforming Indonesia’s paper industry, protecting its rainforests and the remaining Sumatran tigers that call that place home. Remember our recent victories with Mattel, Lego, IGA and KFC? When big companies like these started ditching their contracts with APP, it helped persuade the company to make this new commitment. Down here in Australia, we’ve played an incredibly important part of this win (our colleagues at Greenpeace HQ in Amsterdam often referred to us as the “secret weapon in the campaign!). As well as joining in international work against the likes of customers like Mattel, Paperlinx, KCF, Fuji Xerox and others, we’ve taken it right to the doorstep of APP subsidiaries, Solaris and Collins Debden. The loss of IGA led to a mothballing of their Australian factory.
We thank all who joined us at the BEN events in D.C. last week!
Both the awards celebration and the strategy session for the 2012 BEN conference were inspiring and engaging. BEN appreciates and understands what it takes to create powerful campaigns! Congratulations to all.
Government must protect orca habitat: court
by By Judith Lavoie,
"I think it has to affect it," said Margot Venton, staff lawyer for Ecojustice, which acted for a coalition of conservation groups, including the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, Wilderness Committee, Georgia Strait Alliance, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Sierra Club and Dogwood Initiative.
Victory! DRBC Vote Cancellation Huge Victory
Food&Water Watch
Statement from Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch “This morning the Delaware River Basin Commission announced it cancelled the vote to proceed with regulations that would pave the way for 20,000 wells in the region, knowing they wouldn’t have the votes needed. “This is a victory for the grassroots activists who have passionately rallied to protect our water, communities and health from the potentially devastating effects of this dirty practice. By standing up against big lobbying cash and flashy ads touting the job creating effects of shale gas development, we have won this critical fight.
BENNY Award Winners 2011
Campaigns for responsible mineral extraction, fighting dirty coal, protecting workers, and others receive top marketplace activism prizes; Carrie Dann honored for individual achievement
VICTORY!Secure Roadless Rule
Thirteen years after Earthjustice first launched legal action, the nearly 50-million-acre heartland of America’s national forests is secure. A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of the Roadless Rule, virtually ending a politically infested process that pitted resource exploiters against the vast majority of citizens who rely upon these pristine lands for recreation and repose.
ExxonMobil shifts focus away from Highway 12 megaload route
by Dennis Bragg (KPAX/KAJ Media Center)
After months of fighting with environmental groups, ExxonMobil is changing plans to ship "megaloads" of oil field equipment across Lolo Pass, opting instead to ship the equipment on Interstate highways. Monday's decision by ExxonMobil and Imperial marks a major development in the on-going fight over how the companies will get gear to the Tar Sands oil fields in Alberta.
VICTORY! Scholastic Severs Ties With the Coal Industry
Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood
Scholastic announced that it would stop distributing “The United States of Energy,” a controversial fourth grade curriculum paid for by the American Coal Foundation. The materials were also removed from Scholastic’s website. Scholastic’s decision came after a two-day campaign led by the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), Rethinking Schools, Friends of the Earth (FoE), Greenpeace USA, and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD).
VICTORY! Major US companies join fight against greenwash
Rejecting SFI's claim to be 'good for forests', seven companies -- Aetna, Allstate, Garnet Hill, Office Depot, Performance Bicycles, Symantec, and United Stationers -- each took action to stop using SFI's 'eco-label' or SFI-certified paper products (see each company's commitment here).
VICTORY! Target Says 'No' to Dirty Gold
Target, the third-largest retail chain in the U.S., has joined 72 other jewelry retailers worldwide in pledging to shun gold from irresponsible mining and seek cleaner sources of gold and precious metals.
Victory! Shell Drops 2011 Arctic Drilling Plans
In a huge triumph for the U.S. Arctic today, Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Peter Voser announced that Shell's 2011 plans to drill exploratory wells offshore in Alaska are canceled due to continued uncertainty over whether it would receive federal permits.
VICTORY!!Clorox Discloses All Ingredients
Women's Voices for the Earth
In June 2010, after the release of our report What’s That Smell? on toxic chemicals in fragrance, WVE contacted Clorox with a suggested timeline for listing all ingredients, including those found in fragrance, directly on the product label.
VICTORY! California to rewrite toxic-chemical regulations
by Will KaneSFChronicle
California will take another stab at writing regulations that limit the toxic chemicals in consumer products after too many people said the rules weren't strict enough.
Victory! - Federal Court Orders First-Ever Destruction of a GMO Crop
Federal District Judge Jeffrey S. White issued a preliminary injunction ordering the immediate destruction of hundreds of acres of genetically engineered (GE) sugar beet seedlings planted in September after finding the seedlings had been planted in violation of federal law. The ruling comes in a lawsuit filed by Earthjustice and The Center for Food Safety on behalf of a coalition of farmers and conservation groups. The lawsuit was filed on September 9, shortly after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed it had allowed the seedlings to be planted.
Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling
the Pittsburgh City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance banning corporations from conducting natural gas drilling in the city.
BENNY and Path to Victory award winners - Protecting ancient forests, empowering garment workers, preventing an increase in oil refinery pollution and other campaigns win top prize!
Business Ethics Network
Campaigns for protecting ancient forests, empowering garment workers, preventing an increase in oil refinery pollution, and others receive top marketplace activism prizes, Dolores Huerta honored for individual achievement
VICTORY - Snuffed:With no fanfare, Detroit's incinerator quietly shuts down
Apparently no one noticed, and no press conferences were held to alert residents, but the city quietly began landfilling its trash on Oct. 1, according to Dan Lijana, a spokesperson for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.
Science Group Praises New Department of Interior Scientific Integrity Policy as a Great First Step; Calls for Department to Furnish Details and Deadlines
The Department of Interior’s new scientific integrity order will help prevent the political interference in science that has led to flawed department decisions on issues from energy production to endangered species, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).